Before embarking on a Divemaster course, your certification level should be up to Rescue Diver and your EFR needs to be valid. You also need 40 logged dives as proof.


We offer two different ways for the Divemaster Course

The first option will be to complete your Divemaster course in 1 and a half months with the price of RM3600 (excluding PADI fee-refer to PADI site).


Second option would be to complete your Divemaster with a 3-month internship (excluding PADI fee-refer to PADI site and DM Crew Pack-RM900). This will consist of three and a half days of diving and three and a half days of working in the shop and other departments of Panorama.

Diving Days’ Duties

Three and a half days of full on diving, assisting Instructor, exams, completing the DM requirements and whatever needed to keep the shop running.


Shop Duties

Three and a half days of shop duties and also working at various departments in Panorama.


Both of the options does not guarantee Divemaster work after finishing. For both options; dormitory, breakfast and lunch are included for free during the course.



Let me know your certification level, the date of your last dive and how many dives have you logged.



You will need to have your own mask and fins, computer, SMB, dive knife and dive torchlight.


Please call +6019 648 5600 for more details